By outsourcing Web Design, Mobile Apps and Software Development services to MI Dynamics you will find the perfect need vs resources equilibrium where our diverse and highly skilled human resource of seasoned designers and developers is able to meet all technology needs of your projects under one roof.

Our offshore development teams are segmented into the following departments:

  •   Web Design & Development
  •   Bespoke Software Development & re-engineering of existing software
  •  Mobile Application Development
  •  Application Maintenance and Support
  •  Web Maintenance and Support

From one to one hundred technical resources at a fraction of the cost, we can seasoned software engineers available at your disposal within 24 hours, trained in a way to totally sync and gradually immerse into your outsourced projects.

MI Dynamics development policy envisages using clean commented code complying with Generally Accepted Coding Standards ensuing quality produce throughout, while using agile development techniques to meet your time schedules & deadlines while focusing and dedicating our services, skills and expertise towards meeting your deadlines. We treat your projects as our own which is why 100% of the software development projects outsourced to us are a success

We take deadlines extremely seriously and believe time and commitment to be the true essence of success and principles for a Win-Win long-term commercial partnership, which is what we look forward to.

Our outsourcing services are 100% White-label. Underdevelopment projects are always staged on anonymous servers. MI Dynamics takes full responsibility of it’s employees actions where every employee is required to sign a Non-Disclosure and No Contact with Principal’s Client Agreement before they get hired.

Outsourcing to MI Dynamics helps you reduce fixed infrastructure costs

Owing to our immense size of human resource at MI Dynamics we let you focus on securing more business and building better relationships with your customer while we handle your design and development work. This enables you to expand your commercial theater of operations without investing in infrastructure, burden of fixed cost while giving you a safety net in case your business development goes down due to any reasons.

Our Project Managers have at least 10 years of experience in their respective capacities and every project is handled with a modular approach. The project once analysed with extensively documented and shared with the client while simultaneously a development strategy is also documented where the project is sub-divided into Modules and Tasks with an estimated completion time of every variable. Every designer & developer is required to fill in a CCL time-sheet reporting every single hour that is spent on the project. The Project Managers are well-versed in written & verbal communication in English language.

At every shift’s end every Project Manager is required to email you time-stamped progress report of every resource on an hourly basis. We believe transparency & reporting to be the key ingredients for having a satisfied customer.

Our designers & developers work with open lines of communication where we provide full visual access to your team’s workstations to analyse your team’s performance at any given point in time.

Staff Augmentation Services

MI Dynamics offers staff augmentation services of seasoned designers and developers working under highly experienced Project Managers to meet your temporary or permanent needs.

We only charge you for the designers or programmers that you hire, the cost of Project Managers is not transferred to the customers.

Some of the technical and functional areas for which we provide staff augmentation are as follows:

  •   PHP/MySQL Developers
  •   CMS Experts
  •  C# Programmers
  •  VB.NET Programmers
  •  .NET Application Developer
  •  Objective-C Programmers (iOS Developers)
  •   Java, J2EE/J2ME Programmers (including mobile application developers)
  •  ASP.NET Developers
  •  Ruby on Rails Developers
  •  Codeigniter Developers
  •   Zend Developers
  •   CakePHP Developers
  •  C# Programmers
  •  Symfony
  •  Smarty PHP
  •   Oracle ERP and SAP Developers
  •  Graphics Designers
  •  Multimedia and 3D Developers
  •  AUTOCAD Designers

Offshore Software Development Solutions

MI Dynamics offers a range of offshore software development solutions for your projects on a variety of technical and functional tools and technologies.

Hire our offshore software development teams to for seamless development of your projects with a rapid project turnaround.

Our offshore development teams are fully functional to work on the following varieties of projects:

  •   Website Design and Development from simple brochure websites to complex websites
  •   Web based Information Systems
  •  eCommerce Websites and ePayment Solutions
  •  iPhone/iPad/iPod Application Development
  •  Android Application Development
  •   Windows Mobile Application Development
  •   Java Web Applications
  •  Distributed Java Applications
  •  Console Java Applications
  •  GIS Solutions
  •  Oracle & SAP customization and implementation
  •  Microsoft Technologies

Outsourcing Engagement Models

We offer flexible outsourcing models of collaboration that can be adjusted to suit the client.

Dedicated Development Teams

Delivers full control of the software development teams to the client where workflow and speed is regulated by the client. In this model a Lead Developer is allocated to the team who also acts as the Project Coordinator between the client and his team.

The model is best suited for long-term projects where the client would like to exercise Project Management themselves. Teams are however scalable where additional staff can be allocated on a short-term or permanently.

Project Based

Project based pricing model for projects with well-defined, clear documented scope of work. The price is fixed prior to development with deliverable and times lines clearly specified. Price is fixed until the features and functionality remains the same if it stays as specified in the scope of work. The payouts are dependent upon pre-agreed milestones.

Time Based

Time based pricing model where development is priced on hourly basis or human resources are hired on a monthly basis. The developers are led by a Project Manager however the model requires constant input by the client. Best suited for faster time to market plan.

Virtual Captives

MI Dynamics provides Virtual Captives for your organisation giving you full control over your software development operations reducing your fixed costs.

Supply, Backup Generators and High Speed Internet which makes sure your offshore extension operates in a hassle free environment. 24 Hours operations make sure your Virtual Captives work within time zones that you find convenient.

We look after your daily software development operations while giving your company full control over your Virtual Captives comply with your business processes and corporate decisions.

MI Dynamics gives you full transparency of cost components, complete control over your software development teams, smooth integration of the Virtual Captives into your corporate culture thus becoming an offshore software development extension of your organization.

Contact us or email us at info@midgr.com to learn more about our services to discuss your project.

Hire Dedicated Resources

We offer cost efficient & highly effective white label Offshore Development and Staff Augmentation Solutions on a diverse range of technologies and industry verticals, with open lines of communication, transparency and agile development that ensure rapid project turnarounds. Hire Developers on a monthly basis or outsource your software development projects at a fixed cost.

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We offer cost efficient & highly effective white label Offshore Development and Staff Augmentation Solutions on a diverse range of technologies and industry verticals, with open lines of communication, transparency and agile development that ensure rapid project turnarounds. Hire Developers on a monthly basis or outsource your software development projects at a fixed cost.

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